The Restore Ministries team is so excited to present a NEW multi-media approach including both the traditional way we have done Bible studies, as well as a new online experience, that we hope will help you in your journey to see yourself through the eyes of the One who loves you.

The study includes six teachings as well as homework⁣ for each lesson. We invite you to find the right course for your needs and join us in this season!

As chaos continues to swirl around us, our natural response is to DO SOMETHING to gain the comfortable sense of things being back in control. God calls us to something completely different: to move in before we attempt to move out.

To examine HOW I am doing before I can even discern WHAT I should be doing. This is life lived from the inside out. As chaos continues to swirl around us, let's take some time together to look inside. It's not as scary as you might think.

What is From the Inside Out?

From an early age, we learn to attune ourselves to what is outside of us. We become experts at reading the room, looking for what is expected and then meeting that expectation so we will be loved by others and protected from pain. Even the Christian life can be focused on learning and doing the right thing, the expected thing, leaving us hoping our hearts will catch up with our behavior. 

But behavior doesn’t change a heart. It reveals it. Scripture calls us to a more congruent life – one lived from the inside out, where our heart is connected to God’s heart, and we respond to others – not out of duty or self-protection – but out of an overflow of what we have received from Him. 

About Your Teacher: Julie Sparkman

Julie Sparkman co-founded Restore Counseling Ministries with Jennifer Ervin in 2012. Julie received her B.S. degree from University of Florida and her Masters degree in Counseling and Psychology from Troy University. She has been in private practice as a pastoral counselor since 1999.

Julie is a frequent speaker and author of three other video teaching series: “Idol Addiction,” “Unhitching From the Crazy Train,” and “Six Weeks to Sane Thinking.” In addition, Julie co-hosts the podcast, Head to Heart – Connecting What You Know to How You Live, with Anna Nash.

Julie works with adult individuals facing a variety of issues such as codependence, infidelity, disillusionment with God, depression, spiritual, emotional, physical and verbal abuse, and parenting through the various seasons of life.

It’s her desire that the teaching and counseling of Restore Ministries would be used to help men, women and children come to understand the radical and restorative impact of the Gospel in their every day lives and relationships.

From the Inside Out Overview

Lesson 1: Where Are You? (25:12)

Lesson 2: Developing the Skill of Heart Awareness (28:19)

Lesson 3: Recognizing the Voice of Your Inner Coach (23:16)

Lesson 4: Name It to Tame It (26:16)

Lesson 5: Guarding Our Hearts from False Messages (41:59)

Lesson 6: Maintaining Healthy Regulation for a Lifetime (31:39)

Lesson Highlights

Lesson 1: Where Are You?

Like driving a car looking through the windshield while ignoring the indicator lights on the dashboard, living unaware of our hearts has disastrous consequences.  We are called to reflect the heart of God to our world.  This calling can only be fulfilled as we seek to connect with His heart, which requires us to be equally aware of our own.

Lesson 2: Developing the Skill of Heart Awareness

The scripture is clear that our behavior is actually a symptom - an outer indication of an inner state of the heart. God uses our thoughts, emotions, and physical responses as indicator lights letting us know that there is something that needs to be attended to within us. In this lesson, we learn a simple heart check to help us stay attuned to those valuable indicator lights.

Lesson 3: Recognizing the Voice of Your Inner Coach

The most powerful voice you will hear today is the one in your own head. In Lesson Three, Julie shows us how the constant running commentary in our heads can shut down our hearts.